God’s word is eternal. What does that mean in the sense how it affects our own lives? Consider some of the ramifications of the authority that His word is eternal. Firstly, that means every word Jesus spoke has eternal implications and it permanently establishes what He said. His word overrides everything else that could be. The truth that we are in covenant with God and that we are joint heirs with Christ makes our word eternal and also validates everything we declare. Furthermore, we have standing always in the courts of heaven therefore what had been spoken can be edited since He is the author and editor of our faith. Plain and simple, we have been given the Holy Spirit as the tutor to develop the specialized curriculum designed for each one exclusively enrolled in His school of the glory. The term permanent residency is just the understanding that His word which is eternal has become established permanent within us individually.


Christ’s word is eternal and He is one with His word. Therefore He is eternal. We are carrying about the dying of Christ so that the life of Christ is manifested through us. That means His eternal nature is becoming permeated throughout our entire being. The perishing condition has been cutoff completely. Receiving Holy Spirit inspired word makes these supernatural transformations within us. The Scripture relates to us that precision laser light surgery had taken place within us because of perfect peace manifesting from us into the entire realm assigned to us. It is our evidence that we are truly following the voice of the Holy Spirit and not the dictates of our flesh. The words of the Holy Spirit come in so much higher that it forces the imagination to stretch like a child’s. Hence, the language from Jesus, “unless you enter as a child you cannot enter the kingdom.” It takes the renewed imagination of a child to actually believe and receive much of what the Holy Spirit has to teach concerning the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.