The witness we receive from the Holy Spirit will be true to Scripture. Our expectations should aspire to what we already know of God’s promises to us from any of His covenants. All of us have suffered much and wondered how, when, why, or even what. No matter how many questions could arise, it all falls under this one simple illustration as wisdom from the Holy Spirit:
We ask the Holy Spirit, How? He gives us revelation which affects us as, Wow! Then we act on that revelation till it is, Now! This is the same pattern Jesus used in John 13:32; "If God is glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself, and glorify Him immediately." God's heavenly model should always be clearly understood as—Christ abides in me, and I abide in Christ. This is how the glory manifested from Christ in all the miracles He performed. It is the same model for how we enter covenant through communion. Until we are in Christ, His glory in us remains only “the hope of glory;” it is inactive, dormant, and asleep. The psalmist saw it too and declared, "Wake up My glory!"
Let's place a certain demand on the glory! God deposited His glory in us when we were born-again and entered covenant relationship with Him through Christ. When a demand is placed on His glory, we can either act on the Holy Spirit's wisdom and revelation or not. Let’s say, for example, the enemy has stolen something from us that we hold very dear. With lots of deception he has us confused, doubtful, and consumed with anxious thoughts. So, we ask God the question How? How are we going to get back what the enemy illegally took from us? We need the voice of wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit. Since God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways, we can understand that He knows exactly how to get back what was stolen from us from the kingdom of darkness. When my children were young, I would often relate the Holy Spirit’s insight this way, "I know that God is smarter than me, and I am pretty sure He is smarter than you.” Then I would draw attention to a specific Scripture that related to the circumstance at hand.
The Bible says that God’s glory is above all the heavens and the earth, so nothing else comes in higher. It also declares that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will be known throughout the whole earth, even as the waters cover the sea. Therefore, the knowledge of the glory comes in higher than any other form of knowledge. We must measure accurately just as Jesus reminded us to. The only ones who can operate in the glory of the Lord are those who are in covenant relationship with Christ. That means the entire kingdom of darkness and their many puppets do not have access to the glory whatsoever. Which glory did we receive? Jesus said directly in John 17:5, 22 that He received the glory of the Father and then gave us the same glory He received. Amazing! We received the same creative wisdom and creative authority that Jesus operated in. Jesus declared about Himself, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Jesus is the Lord of Glory; therefore, He is the way the glory operates in a man, He is the truth concerning the glory, and He is the very life of the glory. Without Him we can do nothing. With Him nothing is impossible. Do you believe this?
Jesus gave keys to every blood-bought and Spirit-filled, child of God. Therefore, you have the keys to open what no one can shut, and you have the keys to shut what no one can open. Let that sink in and be established in your thinking. You now possess keys that open with glory transparency, and no one can ever shut that down. You have the power to drive out the mocker. Even second graders can understand the simplicity of operating in the glory. You have the power to release the presence of the Father, the Spirit of Truth, where no one can use deceit or lies. Because you now have glory wisdom and revelation that overrides everything else. The knowledge of the glory comes in higher than everything. In closing, I have a simple testimony from the book, “Riches of Glory,” of how the enemy must restore what he has stolen from us. This book contains many other testimonies displaying the awesome power of God’s glory!
“Every example for answered prayer should be expressed in the midst of the storm no matter how it measures with our own thinking. One person asked me if God could restore their jewelry that had been stolen. It was worth over $10,000. I had declared with an assertiveness, “Go ministering angels, cause the jewelry to be restored completely.” This person asked, “Are we going to pray?” I said, “I have already declared it!” I took time to pray also for their benefit. Four months later all the jewelry that had been stolen was completely returned—nothing was missing