It should be a very powerful truth within the body of Christ that we being many are one bread. We are totally interdependent upon one another, but we are totally dependent upon Him. If one is thinking only in human terms compared with His glory then many things do get missed from God's perception and purposes. We were granted to be enrolled into the Holy Spirit’s school of the glory the moment we were born again. Therefore, while enrolled in school there is no condemnation. However there is an entrance exam He has given all of us, which is to wake up His glory. Additionally, as students we have access to greater works to manifest His glory into realms outside of the lab experiments under the direction of the Holy Spirit. There is an accounting that takes place if any drop out of the Holy Spirit's school that is measured on the basis of what we did or did not do with this treasure. We can either make a choice to operate in His glory or we can fall short and choose to fail by operating from the old nature again. God's answer for the old nature–it must die. Scripture makes it very plain the defining line between operating in His glory or falling short, such as anyone that knows to do right and doesn’t do that it is sin. Another observation that is in operation is that anything not done in faith is sin. However,  while enrolled in the Holy Spirit’s school of the glory He doesn’t keep tract of missing the mark. He is training you to always hear His voice, and follow His leading, and work with Him in the glory.


“Father, we thank you for such profound wisdom that You continuously reveal. We trust You to perfect within us all that is lacking in our understanding of all Your ways and all Your thoughts. We totally thank you that Jesus died, justified, and satisfied all the requirements for us to now live in Your presence and glory that You have chosen we would enjoy. We receive Your Holy Spirit's direction in our lives. We value all that You say and have given as our New Covenant. We understand that we do not have Your whole counsel and are interdependent on one another. We ask that You remind us always to be peaceable, submitted to one another, and choosing to walk in love always. Faithfully, You watch over all of our ways. We thank you with the Love You have placed in our hearts, which is Your own dear Love that You have for Jesus. Empower us now with Your glory in all that we say and do to reflect all that You desire in order to show Yourself mighty, in Jesus’ name Amen!”